Why Modi will not become PM


Here is why I feel Modi will not become PM. I am not getting into why she should or should not be PM.

Reason 1 : BJP and Modi are acting like they have already won and I get a sense of deja vu. It seems like 2004 and 2009 again. Most people dont like arrogance and BJP right now are reeking of it

Reason 2 : Too many people don’t want Modi to be PM. Some because they are corrupt and are scared they will be exposed. Some because they feel they will be marginalised. Some because they know their goose will be cooked if Modi delivers only 20% of what he is promising. These include people both from BJP and outside. These groups will go to any lengths to keep Modi out.

Reason 3 : Three women will get better deals from Congress. Mayawati, Jayalalitha and Mamata together will…

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