100 days of eating Ghaas-Phoos a.k.a Vegetarian

New year resolutions are meant to be broken and especially the ones that involve eating and drinking. So drunk on ” I can make a resolution, again” I made this promise to myself. I will try ( Only TRY) to be a vegetarian. I

When I started on 1st January 2014 it didn’t look very difficult partly because I had a full pot roast chicken the previous night. All my flesh eating cravings were put to rest and I looked and felt very confident. By third day Kebab’s of Shekhu Bhai of Nizamuddin fame started haunting me in sleep. I would sometimes dream of eating that nice Mutton stew at Al- Jawahar with crisp Khameri Roti.But dreams are dreams and in the real world newbie vegetarians have to do with Gobi, Paneer and the kinds.

Two weeks down my ordeal I stopped missing the kebabs but started missing socialising that happens around food. I could no longer call Jamal and say ” lets go to Shekhu Bhai”. Imagine how odd it would sound ” Let’s go to shekhu Bhai BUT I will gorge paneer tikka.. yuck”. Even going to friends house for dinner become a vegetarian affaire to forget. They would feed aloo matar, moong ke daal.

vegThen I stated rationalising. Let me leave 1-2 animals. I focussed my generosity on Chicken and Pork. I created some rules in my mind where  I can eat non-veg selectively. For instance if anyone from Jamal’s family is making Mutton, I will eat it. If someone takes me to Bukhara, I will eat it. I will eat it on the flight over the ocean. I will eat it if there is nothing good to eat and so on. But  it was almost by providence that Jamal didn’t cooked anything and no one took me to Bukhara. So the matter rested.

When I was facing these pangs of not able to resist the temptation to eat, my friend Nandini Gulati told me secret. She asked me to say to the universe that I want to be vegetarian and don’t stress too much about it. I did that and to be honest I been largely successful in my quest for leaving non-vegetarian food for the past 100 days. Next time the universe is going to hear about that Range Rover I want :).

I don’t think I would have stayed vegetarian for long. I think too much. I rationalise every bit. But the sucker punch came from Deepa. You know the regular argument that meat eaters have about humans were hunter gatherers and so its okay to eat meat. We are designed to eat meat and all that. Deepa just said that meat eating was fine when there was no regular supply of food for humans, but in todays age when we can get anything we want to eat do you really want to bring hurt on your plate. I had no argument and since then my mutton-korma dreams have came to an end.

I’m sure there are many health benefits of being a vegetarian but nothing comes close to seeing a goat in the eyes and say ” yes buddy I’m vegetarian just like you”.

p.s: from today I left sugar ( only chocolate exception) after reading this article here http://www.everydayhealth.com/columns/my-health-story/year-of-no-sugar-one-family-grand-adventure/


2 thoughts on “100 days of eating Ghaas-Phoos a.k.a Vegetarian

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