Salmon Fishing in Yemen-on my iPad

This is about triumph over technology and having faith. So I have this iPad for sometime now and I had no clue how to watch movies on the same . A little tip from my friend Manish Shrestha and voila we are all set to watch movies on iPad. This small tip was a giant step for me. Now I have my  computer, phone and now iPad so that I can watch downloaded movies in the comfort of my Rajai or window seat.

But this post is not about iPad or my victories over iPad. It is about how Bollywood has finally conquered Hollywood.  Not convinced. All you have to do is watch Salmon fishing in Yemen and you will be convinced that the plot is picked from the half dozen hindi movies.

salmonThe movie for most part revolves around Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor, a soldier boy and a Yemeni Sheikh and a few salmons who  have just escaped becoming tinned fish and  now have to  prove their mettle by swimming upstream all in the name of faith.

So our Ewan loves Emily blunt but she has a boyfriend who is serving in Afganistan. One day she hears that her boyfriend is missing in action. She is devastated Ewan supports her in this moment of need off course for selfish reasons :). They fall in love. A few months later soldier boy comes back to life. Emily blunt is now totally confused. Finally a salmon jumps upstream and tilts the balance in favour of Ewan McGregor.Over all a happy ending for everyone including the fish. Well done Fish.

Note to director: Please add some song and dance.  And next time you want to save a life save the lives of fish. You should have not opened the flood gate. And poor Ewan McGregor didn’t even got a goat for saving Sheikhs life.


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