This General Election be Selfish

Yes, this election time to be selfish. yes truly selfish. But let me paraphrase Nipun Mehta first. Be selfish but take a moment to understand what is your self interest

First of all these are M.P ( Member of Parliament)  elections, which means people will get elected to make laws to the Indian parliament. So no point of voting for candidates you think can fix your water problems. You need to think about what is good for the country . You also need make sure that criminals are out of the parliament. So even if God himself is contesting and has a case against him in a Indian court then please don’t vote for him/her.

In these elections you are more likely to vote for a party and not so much for the individual. In my opinion our choices are clearly split between BJP, Congress, AAP and regional parties. And off course we can use NOTA ( None of the above).

So what’s up with BJP. There is clearly some momentum they have but its all Modi. Like someone pointed out that why there is so much of fuss around Modi fighting from two seats, he is virtually fighting from all the 545 seats. So yes if Modi is your man then vote for BJP.

Congress seems to be at an odd place. Rahul G appears very sincere. He is making the right noises but it is often too little too late. While he leads the party its unlikely he will even be ready to put a fight like Modi. Either Rahul has too much to lose or nothing to lose. It often intrigues me that you come across people who are staunch supporter of BJP, Modi, AAP but no one gives that much love to Congress. That in my opinion is something Congress needs to fix before its too late for the grand old party.

Regional parties are more like congress by other name with the exception of may be Behenji’s BSP. So you want special package for your own state do vote for them. Or if you want Free TV, Laptop, Bicycle, Rice, Idly etc etc.

That brings us to my favourite party AAP. Like a lot of us I have gone through this phase of AAP being the answer to all the problems that we face in India to “seriously man what was I smoking”.  Am I cross with AAP. Yes. Why, because in no time they have started behaving like other political parties. They had this tag line- we have come not to do politics but change politics. This is what attracted a lot of us to to join the movement. But they turned to be like everyone else. There is a high command culture in the party. All the elites are running the show.

While I still remains a believer in the emergence of Aam Aadmi in politics my wish for AAP is that they should lose all the seats in this election. That is the only way that they will come back to their true purpose of Swaraj and bring watershed change in Indian politics. AAP is still the only hope for the poor and marginalised in India. But AAP needs to go through a internal purge else they will become exactly like Congress or even worst and in 30 years from now Kejriwal’s grand daughter will be leading the party.

So coming back to selfish. Vote. That is the only way to make sure you have played a part in nation building. Vote. For someone you think can make Indian a great country. Vote. For your self interest but remember that you are a Indian and will always be a Indian.

And don’t believe too much on what you read in the press .They are anyways acting in their own self interest and so should you.


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