Pickle Pepper Bottle Jar

So on sunday after casually missing my run I decided that that I’m going to make some pickles. Pickles have always fascinated me. I have been trying to learn how to make different kind of pickles. The last two attempts with tomatoes and chillies ended in a disaster. Just too much of everything and they got fungus and as result they were to be thrown.

I think there is no point in learning how to make pickles like our mothers do. The way they make it either too complicated or too simple depending upon your state of mind. The one that I want to specialise in is making them without too much of oil, spices and salt and hopefully no fungus. I’m also very fascinated with decorative bottles with different coloured peppers in it. In a lot of italian restaurants you would see the walls decorated with pickle bottles and onion and garlic hanging from the ceilings.

So this sunday I tried making decorative pickles at home. I got the stuff, got a nice laphroig bottle but the trouble was that the peppers were just too big to get in to the bottle. Finally as an emergency I had to do with jars but to be honest they don’t look  as good as  they would in a  bottle. Though they look cute though.

My recipe for the pickling solution was very primitive . I mixed salt, water, vinegar and sugar in water and boiled it. Then I added the peppers to it and boiled it for 2 minutes . After a bit of cooling I filled the jars first with peppers and then topped them with the leftover water solution. I closed the jars tightly and then boiled them in water so as to sterilise them ( I mean the bottle) . Whether this will keep the pickle alive only time will tell. As of now they are enjoying their moment in the shade sitting comfortably in a rack in my drawing room.

This is what I made

I want to eventually get to different coloured peppers, oranges and garlics in a bottles.The trouble is that I don’t know how they will slide into the narrow mouth of the bottle without getting completely mashed in the process. I don’t know how these guys do it. Look at the beauties below and you will get the point. I’m looking for tips and trade secrets.  Any help will be deeply appreciated.

This is what I want to make

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