Anarchy vs Acitivism

When President of India talks about anarchy then it definitely deserves a serious thought. As a start I looked up on the internet to find out the exact meaning of these words.  Its kind of interesting. Depend upon which side of the fence you are you will interpret the recent uprising of AAP against the police and home ministry.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.50.00 pm


Are they interchangeable ?  Are these just left to the interpretation of those who have the loudest mouth?  How do we ordinary people of the republic interpret these things.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.50.30 pm


My professor from IRMA will ask ” what is your vantage point”. Depending upon that you will interpret it.  I wonder what is President’s vantage point ?

And what about psychographs- the images that we are carrying in our head since we are born. And this is where I personally get lost. I have never seen in my life that a  minister says something to a policeman and he refuses to act on it.  I have also never seen a Chief minister sleep on the street and go on a protest against the Government.  I have nothing in my head to interpret what is happening around me

I feel these are interesting times in our country. Probably the first time after the emergency we are seeing such vibrant political discourse. Everyone is talking about politics. People want to go out and vote. People are not afraid to share their opinion. Its politics everywhere and that is not a bad thing for India.

After all our vote is for India- NAMO and AAP are just custodians.





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