What I learned during the Mumbai Marathon 2014

Well, first let’s get the numbers out. I have done a full marathon in 4hrs 31 minutes. This is my personal best. My overall rank was 755 out of 2485 runners which is not bad for me. I’m really blessed to be able to run such long distances and having a wonderful group of friends who support me all the time despite my eccentricities.


But I’m in a happy -sad kind of situation. I think I could have done better if I changed a few things. For instance i should have trained more regularly and doing at least 2-3 practice runs above 30kms. The other piece was around strength training. Every bone in my body is in pain after then run and that is because my muscles are weak. But the real culprit in this race was pacing.

Last year I did well because we paced well. Our first half was slower than our second half and that is how marathons are conquered. You finish strong and not with the kind of limp that I had to go through towards the end. The following graph will illustrate how this time I did exactly the opposite. I started strong and ended weak ( and slow).


More details of the timing can be found here.

I hit the famous ” wall” at around 31 kms. As a result towards the last 12 kms of the race I  didn’t had the energy to continue at the same pace I had started. The last few kms I was running in excruciating pain from all parts of the body. I don’t even  know how I managed to get this smile towards the end. May be its the cheering crowd in Mumbai every step on the way offering food, water and smiles to runners like us. That is why runners like us flock Mumbai from all over the place.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 5.05.52 pm

In the end while we can argue that all is well that ends well. My wish of doing better than last time did come true. I beat my own record at a full marathon by 17 minutes but soon after I was not able to climb to the upper birth of Mumbai Rajdhani on the way back. I was in pain through out the journey. This is something I would like to change.

Strength training and pace- well are the two lessons for me from this marathon which I’m going to remember this whole running season.

Let’s see what SCMM 15 has in store for me.


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