Mumbai Marathon: 19th Jan 2014

The D day is almost here. As scores of us  board the Mumbai Rajdhani today I’m wondering about Mumbai Marathon 14 will bring to me. As with most other runners my goal is do better than last time and not get injured attempting the same.

I’m anxious. Its the  same kind anxiety that you experience during an exam or you when are waiting for the result. In some ways its not very different to entrance exams . You set a goal, you prepare for it and then the actual day comes and everything depends upon how well you do on this day.

Well to be honest in running the benefits are probably more in the preparation. The journey is truly the reward. But all said and done we runners to take our races seriously. I do.

When it comes  to Mumbai Marathon I feel Delhi runners are at slight disadvantage . For the last 3 months we have been training in some awesome weather. Mumbai will be hot and we hope that the sun is not too strong till we finish our race.

So what is that I’m aiming to do this Mumbai Marathon. I finished the last Mumbai Marathon in 4 hrs 47 minutes. If I can finish under 4.30 this time then I will be very happy. Amit Ojha who will be pacing with me thinks I can. And as usual I will running in my trusted Vibram 5 fingers….my barefoot running aides.

So let’s see what happens. Let the race begin.



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