The Ugly Truth: Real Estate leads to corruption

PAN number and realistic circle rates can burst part of the corruption bubble. Can AAP do this in Delhi ?

Delhi Watcher

This is so simple that everyone knows this. You want to control corruption in the country, keep a tight watch on real estate transactions.

Let’s say you have large un-accounted income most probably from a illegal source. Now you obviously cannot keep it in the bank. You may for some time keep it under mattresses or pillows or in bank lockers or in the garden but sooner or later this money has to find a new destination. The new destination is Real Estate market. This is where ill gotten wealth is parked right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Forget about the complicated Benami transactions that happen in the country even a supposedly simple deal of buying a house has enough scope to set the system in place.

I don’t why but for some reason the circle rates in most areas are at-least  2 times lower then the actual market rates. So this…

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