Lonely Heart Bise Bile Bath

When Bise Bile Bath met Khichdee ( Masala Khichdee).

For heart that is lonely no more, challenges often come in terms of cooking.  And yours truly rose to the challenge and googled the net to find the perfect recipe for the : Pride of Karnataka- the one and only Bise Bile Bath.

For the un initiated- bath is really Bhaath or rice and not shower 🙂 so don’t get your soap out.. not yet. may be in the end for the dishes and the mess you would have created in the Kitchen

A few minutes on google and then 2 hours in the Kitchen and I realised the truth that wise people knew all this while. This north south divide over Bise Bile Bath and Masala Khichdee with vegetable is based on Coconut, roasting of spices, tamarind and more coconut. And while Masala Khichdee is more rustic, Bise Bile Bath is more like french Khichdee in the delicacy of its preparation .

See on a typical day a lonely heart Khichdee is your “fill it, shut it and forget it ” and 3 whistles on a pressure cooker kinds. Its really hard to make a mess of it as long as you have added rice, lentils, oil, spices and veggies.  Bise Bile Bath on the other hand requires a bit of preparation and organising of things and spices.

As per the recipe that I followed you cook rice, veggies and dal (Arhar) separately. You need to then prepare Bise Bile Bath masala- which is your typical spices plus coconut and chana dal roasted and then ground to paste or powder.

You would ideally like a kitchen to yourself when you are making this because you will make an absolute mess of it. There are just too many things involved in this recipe. You have to grate the coconut, make tamarind paste, drain veggies water, keep dal and rice separately and then in the end like a symphony put everything together.

Once you have the masala ready then you basically assemble the bise bile bath which is short means give a tadka of mustard seeds, add veggies and then add the rice and dal and then 2-3 spoons of Bise Bile bath powder. Some tamarind and coconut powder to taste and voila you have your Bise Bile bath ready.

Ideally the bise Bile bath should get some serious red colour but I don’t know how to get that. Mine turned out to be pale yellow. I tried this on a true blue Kannada and I got 7 out of 10. Not bad for the first time.



One thought on “Lonely Heart Bise Bile Bath

  1. French Kichdi!!! You just ‘elitified’ something as basic as Bisi Bele Bath 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you write about Kesari Bath.

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