A Runner’s new year

Get your running shoes out, the vibrams the better. Pick a destination where it snows. Pick a sunny day. Find a nice trail and hope that you get snow. Run ,Pose, Run.

Drink water from the stream. Hope you spot a deer. Hope you don’t get spotted by a panther. Meet nice people on the way. Share a chai. Run back. The sun is coming from the pine trees. The track is level and nice. Its  cool 14 kms. It seems you have earned your lunch.

Get used to the silence around you. Smell the pine. Smell the forest. Listen. Stop. Listen to your heart beat. Watch the snow. Eat some snow never mind bad throat after wards.

Run slowly. Absorb everything around you. Stop. Feel alive. Thank God you can run. Thank God you can run a beautiful place like this. Say a silent prayer that you always run like this in a place like this till you die.

Thank God for everything.





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