Takoyaki or Poddu

Is it Takoyaki, is it Poddu ? It is definitely not superman 🙂

Takoyaki I  have been told is one of the most famous Japanese fast food. I can understand why as I had the pleasure of eating the same, actually lots of it.  I was mesmerised by the way it is cooked.  So yesterday I was caught by surprise when I saw a similar looking thing getting made in a Indian restaurant. We ordered some and it tasted very much same but very much vegetarian.

My Japanese friends, let me introduce you to Poddu. No octopus but lots of batter and veggies and lots of oil and made just in the way it is made in Tokyo.

To my north Indian friends Poddu will sound very Japanase but it is actually from Karnataka. Takaoyaki and Poddu are quite similar , Takoyaki has lots of sea food and Poddu  has mostly veggies. Both are dipped in lots of oil and cooked exactly the same way as the pictures will tell you. For Takoyaki you will need to go to Tokyo. Poddu is closer home at Carnatic Cafe in New Friends Colony and off course in Karnataka.

So they are. Same same but different. Enjoy the photos







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