The Kejriwal effect and NGO wallahs

I’m a NGO wallah but somehow I fail to understand the criticism of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP from the NGO community. It is almost as if they are waiting for him and AAP to fail.

If you were to talk to any NGO guy at working with the disadvantaged in rural and tribal areas and they will tell you horror stories of scale and size of corruption that happens and how the state ( read politicians and bureaucracy) has stolen from the people their land, water and their right to live a decent life.  They will tell you that if they were a young man in 20s they would have either become an activist to fight the state or joined politics to change the governance in this country. There is no other way.

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP are trying to do both. At the heart of AAP is savvy activist who is joining politics to fundamentally change it forever. Rather than congratulating AAP for its bold effort most people are not leaving any stone un-turned to criticise them even before they have started functioning as a government.

While it is easy to understand the point of view of BJP and congress supporters but it is the NGO wallahs that baffle me the most. Well some NGO guys are plain jealous and understandably so. They are wondering how come AAP and Kejriwal has achieved this watershed moment in Indian politics while they were busy enjoying their food and drinks in cosy NGO style workshops.

Kejriwal himself is a NGO wallah and he has a message for all of us. It is possible to change politics in the country if enough clean, well meaning people come forward. And where else you will  find well meaning people than in the NGO sector. While it is commendable to work for the poor and the disadvantaged but if you want to really change the system then joining  politics is the only way forward.

Will some real NGO wallahs please stand up.





2 thoughts on “The Kejriwal effect and NGO wallahs

  1. The Sinking Ship ?

    It is said ,

    ” When a ship is about to sink , the rats desert it ”

    Is Congress , a sinking ship ?

    Here are some reasons to believe so :

    > Some years back , TMC deserted it

    > Ever since A Raja / Kanimozi episode , DMK was threatening to leave it .
    This finally happened last week

    > On issue of Telengana , TSR left sometime back. Now Kiran Reddy is
    about to leave

    > Last week , Prafull Patel gave a hint that NCP is getting ready to leave ,
    when he he asked Congress to own up all of its past mistakes , starting
    with 2G Scam

    Earlier , Sharad Powar had made it amply clear that he won’t work under
    Rahul Gandhi as a PM

    > Having got a ” Clean Chit ” from CBI in the dis-proportionate assets case
    Mulayam has started distancing himself from Congress

    > Having got special status for Bihar , Nitish has ceased to cozy-up

    And now , to top it all , Congress workers ( motivated by Sheila Dikshit / JP Agarwal ? ) , are demanding that Congress withdraw its ” Outside Support ” to AAP

    For a ” Re-born Reformist ” Rahul , it is a classical case of ,

    ” Dammed if I do , dammed if I don’t ”

    If he agrees to withdraw support BEFORE the swearing – in ceremony scheduled tomorrow , he will stand exposed as a fickle-minded and a foolish leader , who cannot be trusted , even by friends !

    If he decides to withdraw support AFTER the swearing-in , ( by voting against the confidence vote , mandatory for a minority government ), people of Delhi would hold HIM responsible for bringing down AAP government

    And that would make Arvind Kejriwal , a martyr !

    And further ensure that in a re-poll , AAP returns to power with a thumping majority and Congress loses , even those 8 seats !

    From the view-point of 2014 elections , such a total rout of Congress in Delhi , would be a dream-come-true for BJP !

    But I hope , Arvind – and his party men – realize that :

    > Sinking of the Congress-Ship , is neither their objective , nor a priority
    Leave that job to BJP !

    > Delivering on pro-poor reforms is their priority No ONE

    > To be able to deliver these reforms , it is necessary for AAP to assume
    power – then survive Confidence Vote to retain that power

    > To remain in power ( a noble cause ) , they need continued support of

    > For Rahul to quell his internal mutiny ( engineered by the sitting
    Congress MLAs who suffered at the hands of AAP candidates ) , AAP
    must not push him to the wall !

    > If AAP goes after the past corruption cases of defeated Congressmen
    ( – and women ? ) with vengeance , Rahul will be left with no option
    but to withdraw support


    In a game of chess , you don’t try to checkmate your opponent in the very first move !

    It has to be your FINAL / WINNING move !

    If need be , please re-read your Chanakya !

    * hemen parekh ( 25 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

  2. Dark Cloud Over Horizon ?

    Of all the countries in the world , America contributes most to the Global Warming

    As a result , over the past few weeks , a white cloud ( Polar Vortex ) , has enveloped entire America , plunging temperatures below zero

    In India , a dark cloud has been gathering over the past few years

    And it is caused by no ordinary ” Warming ” !

    It is caused by people’s anger ” Boiling Over ” !

    Boiling over the past 15 years , at the rampant ,

    > Corruption amongst law-makers / bureaucrats / low-lever government
    officers / black-moneyed businessmen / greedy industrialists etc

    > Criminalization amongst politicians – turned – mafia

    Now with the arrival of AAP government , this dark cloud has slowly started clearing in Delhi

    But a dense dark ominous cloud still envelopes rest of India

    Will AAP succeed in clearing it in April / May 2014 elections ?

    If opinion polls published on TV channels last evening are to be believed , it will

    And believe me ,

    Over the next few weeks , these opinion polls will get , ever more ,

    > Sharper

    > Shriller

    > Deafening

    The writing is on the wall !

    But the short-sighted politicians cannot read !

    And the far – sighted TV channel experts are refusing to read !

    Every Saturday ( starting tomorrow ) , Arvind Kejriwal and his Cabinet colleagues , will sit on a footpath outside Delhi government Secretariat and face the public

    They will make themselves ” Accessible ” to people

    They will ” Listen ” to people

    What next ?

    Holding a cabinet meeting in Chandni Chowk ?

    Or , a Delhi Vidhan Sabha session at Rajghat ?

    AAP says ,

    ” To hell with procedures / precedents / barricades

    Hail , the power of People

    Come out on the streets

    Clear the Dark Cloud ! ”

    * hemen parekh ( 10 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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