A Thali Affaire

ImageHow difficult is to do a South Indian meals especially if you are from a South India and that too from Tamil Nadu. So yesterday after my session on ” Uttarakhand Floods”  and the work that iVolunteer and Himjoli is doing at Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya I decided to  go to Tamil Nadu Bhavan canteen.A few friends had recommended the place so I thought let’s give it a try.

When you enter the building you will be impressed. Its really nicely done however the canteen leaves a lot to be desired. For some strange reason all the waiter were north Indian where as I was expecting some “madrassi’s” running the place . I saw a lot of people ordering regular Daal and Tandoori roti so may be the cooks were North Indians too. My heart skipped a beat.

I looked at the menu and spotted  “Pongal Ghee” which I guess translates to Khichdee in North India.  Sadly that was not available. Uthappam, Dosa  Thali or Daal Roti were the  choices readily available for lunch  Finally I saw some serious south Indian foodies eating meals and decided to go for it.

The food came cold and it had lots of rice and some sad looking roti in it. All the curries tasted the same and one had a big size almost un-edible drumstick in it. I did try to eat it and finally gave up.  This was a limited a thali so no extra sambar or veggies  was available. Not that I was going to ask for more. The only saving grace in the thali was the Kesari bath ( Halwa) with the right amount of Sugar and dipping in Ghee.

The regular enthusiasm of the waiters was missing that you find in Andhra Bhavan. There was no ghee on the table, nor any pickles or any gun Powder to go with the meals.

Over all it turned out to be quite a luke-warm affair something that I feel can totally avoided.

A word of advised to Tamil Nadu Bhavan people. Please visit Andhra Bhavan to have meals 🙂 And if you any of you want to try out the meals then Tamil nadu Bhavan is bang behind Chanakya cinema. You can safely leave the meals- may be try some dosa or Idli



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