Gay ” No More”: Article 377 and how state is a peeping tom

The state has done what it does best. Through the new “Rape law” it had already entered sexual space between consensual men and women. Now with 377 it has  invaded another space. We can fight the state as now there will be an appeal and may be the Government will see the mood  and the votes and change article 377 through an ordinance.

But the real enemy is with in.

Most of the hue and cry and “Halla” about SC verdict in most of the public space including Facebook is really plain hypocrisy. A lot of those who are beating their chest about same sex couples/sex in private will laugh and joke about these things.  In Indian society and in most parts of the world homosexuality is looked with disdain and is the butt of ridicule.

I believe everyone has a right to be what they want, who they want to sleep with as long as they are not troubling others. This argument about what nature intended and not intended is bullshit. First of all we are still trying to understand nature and second there are far dangerous un-natural things we do as humanity  like making nuclear bomb. One of these things go off and let me tell you  “same gender sex” will be the last thing on our mind.

So forget what SC has said. I’m not asking you to accept homosexuals if you don’t want to but don’t go out and ask them to change and all that crap.

Let everyone mind their own business.


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