Dear Kejriwal let AAP form Government in Delhi

Yesterday I was at Jantar Mantar to listen to AAP in their dialogue with ” Aam Aadmi”. It was a huge gathering and people from all walks of life were present there. There Sikhs, Muslims, People with families and little kids  eagerly waiting to hear Kejriwal and company. It was a wonderful sight. You have to give it to AAP that they have changed the meaning of elections in the country.

The speeches were full of how AAP turned out to be a ” wonder boy” who took on the biggies and defeated them. And rightly so as AAP has proved themselves. What was however disappointing was that the speeches were again full of anti-corruption ” Bhashan Baajee” and nothing else.


There is a little bit of angst in some of us who supported AAP that if re-elections were to happen then AAP may not even get the seats they got this time. The reason is simple. Only on the promise of abolishing corruption its difficult to gather people twice. It costs money and it costs time. Second more importantly both Congress and BJP will now take AAP as a worthy opponent and their dirty tricks departments will be put to work. There will be now series of sting operations, money, intimidations that will come from them. And remember common AAP members and leaders barring a few are from the same society  that is corrupt and “Jugadoo ( opportunist ).  And they can fall for the right temptation. And third, some of the AAP supporters are frustrated that why AAP is not forming the Government and wasting their mandate

So hear is straight from the mind and heart  to Arvind Kejriwal.

Please take Congress support and form the Government. Implement the Janlokpal bill as soon as possible. Send a few big wigs to jail. Reduce power tariffs. Make life easy for Aam Aadmi in Delhi. None of this will make Congress or BJP happy. But dare them to pull your Government down. Because if they do then they will be exposed and in re-election all of us will come out again to vote you in power with full majority.

The worst thing to do at this moment will be to do nothing and resort to more anti  Corruption “Bhashan Baaje”  and hope  that in re-election you will get majority. We are with you in this fight but our worry is that re-election will be damaging to AAP. So go ahead Kejriwal, you take risks, take this one too and make Delhi a better place to start with.



One thought on “Dear Kejriwal let AAP form Government in Delhi

  1. Unconditional Support ?

    To form a government in Delhi , both BJP and Congress have offered AAP , an Unconditional Support

    Arvind Kejriwal is asking ,

    ” For how long ? 3 weeks or 3 months ? ”

    He cannot forget what those parties did to destroy the ” India Against Corruption ” movement in the Ramlila grounds in 2011

    So he has asked Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh ,

    ” Forget about ‘ giving ‘ un-asked for unconditional support

    But since you have been so magnanimous , here are my 18 conditions for
    ‘ taking ‘ your support

    Do you accept these conditions ? ”

    Sonia and Rajnath are silent !

    They don’t like being exposed !

    A Congress spokesman even said on TV channel last evening ,

    ” Most of what AAP proposes , require mere administrative decisions .
    Our support does not come in picture ”

    A BJP stalwart said,

    ” How can there be any government without a strong opposition ?
    Of course , we will oppose you whenever we disagree with you .
    How can we tell you now , which of your 18 conditions , we will
    oppose – and when ?
    When time comes , we will get a signal from our high command ”

    As Arvind knows too well , both BJP and Congress will simply wait for the very first opportunity to pull the rug from under the feet of AAP

    Irrespective of who introduces a ” No – Confidence ” motion in Delhi Assembly , each will give the other , an ” Unconditional Support ” !

    It is a pity , no TV anchor is asking them :

    Madam / Sir ,

    Does your unconditional support mean , you will decide ,

    > Who will introduce a no-confidence motion and when ?
    > Who will ask the LG , to recommend President’s Rule and when ?
    > Who will take the credit to discredit AAP , and when ?
    > Who will brag to Delhi-ites, ” We had told you AAP cannot perform ” ?

    But people of Delhi are asking following questions ( no doubt inconvenient to BJP / Congress ) ,

    > If unconditional support only means , mere postponement of the re-
    poll , why not get over with it , right now ?
    > What is game-plan of Congress / BJP ?
    > How can we put an end to this absurdity called ” Support ” ?
    > Isn’t it time to give 50 seats to AAP in re-poll ?

    * hemen parekh ( 15 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

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