AAP, Tejpal and Modi

The last 2 weeks have been interesting to say the least.  The heroes ( allegedly) have fallen. But Heroes fall only to rise again at least in poetry. I feel beyond the clutter and the noise things are actually much simpler.

First AAP

AAP is a bold attempt at politics. I had known Arvind Kejriwal who leads AAP for a brief while during Ashoka Fellowship days. He is a man of impeccable honesty. You  may argue that he and his candidates might change  once in power etc etc. But we know for sure how BJP and Congress behaves when they are in  power. So this time give AAP a chance, worst they will turn to be like BJP/Congress. But we can only know this once we give them this chance.  And remember its only 5 years. What damage they can do what other parties have not done to India so far. So this December give AAP a chance. Change is good.

Second Tarun Tejpal

You read his apology letter and you immediately realize ” The pen is mightier than sword”. The deed has been done. Brand Tarun Tejpal is finished. His (media) trial has already begin. He knows better that powerful people like him have both powerful friends and enemies. He should have been more careful. Here is word of caution to all those who are now beating their chest and occupying moral high ground to punish him. We are only innocent till caught and the slope from moral high ground is very slippery”

Third Modi

We are 66 years into independence and still clean water in taps and un-interrupted electricity is not available to anyone other than those who live in Lutyens Delhi. All the left liberals who don’t waste a second making Modi into a monster also live around Lutyens Delhi. Their “Daal-Roti” is dependent on India being poor, under fed and miserable. Then only India  makes it into a nice speech in the Durbars in the west. The elections in India this time are about getting water, electricity  and good roads.. things that Congress has promised us in their 58 years of rule in India. People are just tired of waiting for the water to come and the promises to be fulfilled. A vast majority of people believe that Modi can deliver bijlee-paani to them. Don’t believe me.. speak to your auto Rickshaw guy next time you get in one.


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