The Politics of Bharat Ratna

Following another so called a loaded facebook post share on my page I decided to do some research on Bharat Ratna. As usual the first thing that popped up was wikipedia. The page had a list of everyone who has got Bharat Ratna so far. The entries are neatly organized in terms of name of the person, date of birth and death ( if dead) and the profession of the person.  Here are 5 interesting things that data speaks up.

1) Ambedkar died in 1956 and got his Bharat Ratna in 1990. I wonder why it took so long for GOI to realize that he deserves it much before for instance MG Ramachandran who died in 1987 and got his one very quickly in 1988.

2) Sardar Patel was even more unlucky- he died in1950 and it took 41 years to award him with Bharat Ratna.  Saradar patel is actually eldest to receive the award ( posthumously) at age of 116. All this ” darama Baazi” on him is just drama Baazi and nothing else.

3) 3 members of same family got Bharat Ratna. No prizes for guessing that 🙂

4) Gulzari Lal Nanda and J.R.D Tata got it just in time .Got the award a year before their death.

5) Netaji bose was given Bharat Ratna in posthumously 1992 but it was  withdrawn because there is no proof of his death.

The delays, the withdrawals and 3 members of the same family- if its not politics then what it is.


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