After all Rahul is learning from Modi

Rahul gandhi is trying to a do a Modi. He is trying to establish that he is different, he can take risks and when needed he can stand up to what he believes in.

He needs to be congratulated for this ordinance act and not rubbished.  He has not undermine the PM or insulted him.

And for God’s sake let’s not shed tears for the PM or the office of PMO. The sanctity of PMO was lost when the coal files went missing or when the 2G scam came into picture.   Honestly  our PM must be happy that Rahul Gandhi has done what he should have done.  And may be it was all planned. The timing was perfect- PM was outside the country so no media rushed to ask him questions about Rahul’s sudden outbursts.

Modi at the moment is bigger then BJP. Take him out of the PM candidate role and I doubt if many people will vote for BJP. Congress till recently didn’t had a serious contender to the Modi challenge. But with his views  on the Ordinance Rahul Gandhi has just challenged his opponent.

Congress needed a new armor to save them from complete defeat in the coming LS elections.  Stand with the likes of Mulayam and Lalu and Masood Rashid and your defeat is guaranteed. Sacrifice these guys and suddenly you have  fighting chance.

Congress needed a white knight and I guess he has arrived.

Go Rahul Gandhi Go. Now strike down the Governments attempt to tinker with RTI and pass the Lokpal bill too. Then we can be on your side.  After all our first love is not Modi or Gandhi, it is India.



4 thoughts on “After all Rahul is learning from Modi

  1. any idea on where we an get a full text of the ordinance ? i’ve looked but the full text pdf ( or any document for that matter) has eluded me till now.

  2. @Rahul Nainwal,
    Can you please provide me your email I need your input on some important issue.
    Thankfully yours….

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