Too little too late: BJP’s ordinance oppostion

BJP’s opposition to the ordinance brought by congress through the Union Cabinet route has come very late. They got another chance to prove that they are different from the Congress and serious about criminalization of politics in the country. And yet again they failed.

The ordinance that congress has managed to pass has serious effect on the way our country will be ruled.  Now MPs and MLAs who were facing immediate disqualification can continue in office despite their conviction. The ordinance comes as a reversal of the apex court judgement according to which lawmakers convicted of offenses with 2 years or more in jail were to be immediately disqualified. The order also barred convicted and jailed leaders from contesting elections after the court also reinterpreted the Representation of People’s Act.

So basically it means that criminals can continue to contest the elections as  they have done so for such a long time. A huge reprieve to Lalu Prasad and Rasheed Masood.

It doesn’t take much to realize the mood of the people in the country. We are tired of thugs and criminals ruling us.  BJP should have put a brave fight against passing of this ordinance. That would have clearly proven that BJP stands for governance and clean politics and put Congress in a tight spot. But no. They took too long to decide and when they decided they are doing very little about it. They are not disrupting parliament or coming out on streets.  A couple of tweets is clearly not enough.

BJP can still pull their act together and prove once and for all that they are a party with a difference because frankly some of us are wondering ” what is the bloody difference”.


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One thought on “Too little too late: BJP’s ordinance oppostion

  1. Rahul, can’t help but share this comment. It is too naive to understand that BJP is a party with difference. Do you really think that they are serious about putting an end to the criminalization of politics in the country. I mean I definitely expect from you a more realistic take on such serious matters else this piece this time is only going to signify the title of your blog really. It will be wrong to understand that I am a pro congress or anti BJP I do just think if you remove Gandhi family, LK Advani and Narendra Modi, all are equal and there is no difference of the breed of leaders and their political thinking. I wonder sometime when I hear you echo such sentiments that BJP failed to show they are different. Just look at the last 2-3 elections data – whether assembly or national parliament- and analyze the criminal background of the candidates who’ve got ticket from these parties. The bigger question is that those who do politics over dead bodies must be unmasked whether Congress or BJP. and going by what has happened in Mujafarnagar and as recent as yesterday in Meerut, nobody should be allowed to breed intolerance, incite sentiments and polerise communities in this age and time. What kind of good governance can it bring

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