This lunch box has no masala

Well may be that is why so  many people are liking ” Lunch Box”. It is plain as “daal” and simple as “Daal-Chawal”.

Don’t get me wrong. Lunch Box is a good movie as so many people are saying in their reviews.  I’m sure it will definitely win many awards.  There is some very good acting by Irfan Khan and Nawazzudin- but hey they act good in every movie so what is the big deal.


To be honest I got quite bored with Lunch Box . I go to cinema to get entertained and not come back with a list of questions which are un-answered.  For instance I’m still wondering why  Naani kee tinde ke suzee ke recepie was not shared on the screen.

So the  movie moves at snails pace.. I mean really… may be centipede’s pace .  And there are no cellphones or emails. It is hard to believe that the script is devoid of people using cellphones or using the benefits of whatsapp, email or any text messaging devices which could have helped Irfan and Nimrat Kaur come together faster :). The end was left hanging- I was left guessing whether they met in the end or not. Should I be sad, happy or both.

In the end Lunch Box is a clever documentary packaged even more cleverly as a  feature film. It has the Dabba Wallahs, mumbai locals, harvard connection and mumbai – the usual suspects of any documentary film on Mumbai.

The plot is very original but ” Lunch Box” has masala “Kam”. It is made by intelligent people for intelligent people on a strict diet of health food 🙂






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