So who are you going to vote for in this General Election

First thing first. In this general election all of us should vote. Cancel holidays, weddings and any plans to die. Just go out and vote. Exercise your franchise. Not voting will only alienate you.

The second thing is to vote responsibly. Your vote has a lot of power.  So exercise it judiciously. But when it comes to how to vote responsibly things become a little more interesting.

I’m going to keep it simple.  I feel that the next election is between Modi Vs the rest. It is not between BJP and Congress or regional parties. In the final reckoning there will be two camps- those who want Modi to be the PM and those who will not leave no stone unturned to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

The others: UPA comes in this club. Congress and the rest of the gangs have their own reasons. They would love another 5 years in power and another 5 years of plundering. And make no mistake, anyone who comes to power including our beloved Aam Aadmi power will plunder the country and its resources. Power corrupts and there are swiss banks to keep the stash.

The activist:  These are die hard Modi haters who for all the right reasons believe that he is a monster and should not occupy the top post. They don’t see anything else but ” Modi”. They don’t even look at history.But then they are activists so its all okay.

The messiah mongers : Equally die hard fans who believe Modi is the messiah. Very few actually know what Modi has achieved. For most development means good roads and ” beautifully lit river front of Sabarmati”.

I guess for the second time in our history ( or may be the first time) we are facing a election that is going to make or break the fortunes of two political parties.  In 1977 Janta Alliance won and congress was completely routed. Moraji Desai became the PM but the newly formed Janta Government fretted  away the huge mandate they got on petty issues. Congress came back to power even more stronger and arrogant than before. As a result we had Kashmir Problem and operation blue star which eventually led to the killing of Mrs Gandhi and thousands of Sikhs in subsequent riots.

This could be second time. Modi today is the tallest leader in people’s imagination. But at the same time Modi has polarized the country and his own party. If he doesn’t win or manage to get more than 180 seats, BJP is looking at a slide which will take it back to where the party started from. If Modi wins with majority and becomes the PM and is able to deliver on Governance then Congress and the likes of SP is history in the country.

If we can learn anything from the Muzaffarnagar Riots is this. All political parties are communal never mind what they say. Saving common people’s lives is not on their agenda. They want to make you and me into their vote banks on the basis of fear. So save yourself and use your own brain.

Modi will change the face of the country is blown out of proportion but he will cause a civil war and minorities will be killed in this rule is also blown out of proportion. If Modi was responsible for Gujarat riots then Congress was responsible Sikh Riots.  Our trouble is that we have to chose between the two devils.

And among this hate mongering and analysis no one seems to talk about real issues. When I was 5 years old water used to come for 30 minutes every day. It still comes for 30 minutes. There were power cuts , there are still power cuts. We had less poor people then , we today have more poor people in the country. So nothing has changed- even though all leaders have come and gone.

Albert Hirschman, a renowned economist in his book ” Exit, Voice or Loyalty” makes a very simple yet very powerful point. “When faced with dysfunctional countries- we should either exit as in immigrate, protest like hell or join the gang.”  Read the full text here.

We have protested, we cannot join the scum bags.  So is it the time to leave?


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