HRTC: We stop at the dirties washrooms possible

What can you expect from HRTC, says my fellow traveller from Manali to Delhi in a Volvo Bus. Both of us were shocked to see the condition of loos where the HRTC volvo bus had chosen to stop. And we were wondering as to why we pay premium in HRTC volvo buses and then be subjected to this torture.

To cut a long story short- on the 29th of August I was on my way from Manali to Delhi in a HRTC volvo bus. HRTC is Himachal state government bus service and one of the first ones to introduce Volvo bus service in India. The bus made couple of pit stops on the way for people to eat and take a leak. But HRTC driver of our bus made sure we stop at the dirtiest dhaba with dirtiest washrooms. This one Dhaba- mayur Dhaba around 30 kms from Ambala was the dirtiest of the lot.  I was travelling with a few female friends and none of them could dare to go into the loo.

The point and economics  is simple. Every HRTC driver and conductor gets money from Dhaba Owners to stop the bus at a particular Dhaba. One estimate is that they get around 500 rupees each and get free food.

In return the Dhaba gets to charge overpriced food to passengers and doesn’t give a shit to toilets or any other facilities . The drivers make sure that where ever they stop there are no other shops or facilities. And this practice is common with all the road ways bus drivers never mind which state.

I have a suggestion for all the roadways drivers and mainly for HRTC drivers. Please take Rs 30 from each passenger of the bus but please stop the bus where the toilet is such that your mother, wife and daughter can also use that washroom. Have some shame.

And don’t worry about free food. Eat less and lose that paunch, we will pay for it too.

I have taken some pictures. Viewer discretion advised 🙂

IMG-20130830-00049 IMG-20130830-00048 IMG-20130830-00047 IMG-20130830-00046


3 thoughts on “HRTC: We stop at the dirties washrooms possible

  1. This is ridiculous! If you want to write to the HRTC bosses, i will sign the letter/petition. This needs to be highlighted! Especially for the sake of the women passengers.

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