The real scum of India

The real scum of India is not in the slum. People who are poor and live in slums or shit by the train tracks have no choice.  The real scum of India have money and choices.

Last night a incident at Delhi’s Khan Market  left me flabbergasted.  A family with a young kid of about 5-6 years old came out of Big Chill and the kid threw a packet on food right on the street in front of Big Chill. I politely asked the father of the kid to ask his son to pick it up and throw it in the dust bin. I also told him that he should teach his son not to litter anywhere. You would expect that someone who comes and eats at India’s poshest market would understand and take this opportunity to be nice and civilized. But hell no. This is what he actually did.

He impolitely told me to pick up the garbage myself and pointed out the dustbin where I should throw it. He then told me to get lost and teach my kids instead.

I was just dumbfounded-really at my wit’s end. Normally I would have reacted to it either with tongue or with hand. Here is rich, educated family of Delhi treating a very posh market and a not so posh person like dirt. So I did what I thought was the right thing to do. Picked up the garbage and threw it in the dustbin in full sight of the family. And the thing is I don’t know what else I could have done. Nothing in my life has prepared me to deal with situations like these.

I’m really worried about the kid.

He will grow up to be exactly like his Dad or even worst. His father would have already paid his way into a top notch public school in India. At the age of 16 he will be found driving a BMW at high speed and killing people on the road or raping women fully knowing that he can get away with anything. And then for the rest of the life he will keep on behaving like his father as if he owns the country.

This is the real scum of India- people with money and connections. And no “Jhadoo” can clean this dirt from India unless we start working with kids when they are really young and start teaching them values.


9 thoughts on “The real scum of India

  1. Hi Rahul,

    I am not surprised to read this. I encountered something very similar several years ago. Four rich kids in an Opel Corsa stopped to purchase Ice Cream at India Gate. The time was around 12.30 and I had stopped the vendor on his way home. One of the kids dropped the wrapper on the road, and when I politely asked him to put it into the bin the Ice Cream wala carried, the kid could not bring himself to do so. He was so embarrassed that he just stood there for about 10 minutes neither able to go not bring himself to pick it up. Finally, the moment I turned away, he ju,ped into the car and the kids sped off.

    I don’t blame the kids. It’s the parents who need to be taken to task.

    1. I think we are staring into a hopeless situation. Just today In C.R park where I live I caught my neighbours stealing water from my overhead water tank. And these are rich, educated, army retired people.

      No wonder our institutions are as rotten as we are.

      1. I have an army background as well…and you are right – the people I’ve mostly come across from the army these days are more about earning as much as the civilians, they are less and less about patriotism and pride

  2. mm… instead of telling to the father, you could have asked the kid to do that before his father. There is more chance with children listening to such words i feel.

  3. bad experience Rahul though as you agreed above better luck with the kid possible. Having said that I do not think the kid will forget that you actually picked the trash up. These things do leave a mark.

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