This holiday season don’t buy me Samsung :(

Especially if you are going to buy non sexy items like fridge, TV or washing machine. The product may be good but the after sales service is pathetic. Some of you would say ” Story of my life”.  No service centers only call center the business mantra of any customer focussed company.

Here is a harrowing experience with Samsung After Sales service after my fridge conked off a few days back.

I did what any person only used to finding information on internet would do- go to the website and find out the number of Samsung Service center.  I find the number, make the call  and no one picks up. I keep on trying the whole day and still no one picks up the call.  Strange, normally I’m more used to hearing… please hold the line, you are a valued customer.  Tired I went to the shop from where I bought the refrigerator and he tells me that I have been calling the wrong number. The number changed about a year back. Seems no one bothered to change the number on the website.. cool isn’t it.

So Samsung Rule number 1 of having less customer complaint is  ” Don’t give the correct customer complain number to customers “. This will ensure that you will not hear many customer complaints.

The correct number of After sales service center of Samsung is 01130308282 and not the number that is mentioned on the website.

Samsung Website shot


My ordeal doesn’t end here. So I make the call and finally I’m able to speak to someone human who promptly registers my complaint and gives me a complaint number. He assures me that someone will call me before 8pm.  As expected no one turns up. I call customer complaint again only the find out that my complaint has not been registered even though I have been given a complaint number.

So here is Samsung Rule No 2:  Even if someone manages to call the customer service somehow don’t register the complaint.

So Samsung… any more rules. I’m still waiting for someone to come and Fix my fridge. Yes I don’t own that sexy Galaxy whatever phone but I’m still a customer so show some respect. Or wait for Xiomi to do to you what you did to Nokia.

Did I hear a giggle…. yes I know. This is India. “Yahain Sab chalta hai” ( everything goes here).  When people designated as Public Servants kick public’s ass what can we expect from After sales  customer service and that too after the sale has been made.

So Long Live Samsung Chaebol while I learn how to live without a fridge.




3 thoughts on “This holiday season don’t buy me Samsung :(

  1. Hi Rahul,

    I experienced the same issue with Samsung for 4 years. I had spent Rs. 57,000 on a 440L Fridge and finally had to sell if off to the local ‘Kabadi’ in disgust.

    The quality of the products sucks and the ASS (after sales service) is the stuff customer service non-example legends should be made of.

    Get rid of the fridge, I say.

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