Why I’m angry at our PM Man Mohan Singh

I’m very angry. Growing up in India I was  made to believe that being humble, Intelligent and honest are virtues. But the last 8 years have proven that  humble, honest and intelligent misplaced especially when you are heading a country of 1 billion plus people.

I don’t expect PM to solve all our problems. In-fact I don’t want him to solve any problem. I just want him to open his mouth and say something.

To start with I want him to stop taking orders from Madam G or anyone else. I want him to take ownership for the missing files in the coal scam and the mess in economy. I want him to fire all the crooks in his cabinet. I want him to say NO to any change in RTI and Representation of People’s act. And if he cannot do all of this then I want him to call the bluff, be a ” Sardar” and step down. What have you got to lose.

Now I’m being too naive and dumb.

As a nation we are suffering from silence of our PM.  Everyone at the top in India is silent. Madam G is silent. Rahul G is silent. Even our ” Janta” is silent”.

So what is the price of silence that we are paying.

Our economy is going down the drain, scams are making Bofors look like loose change, there is a paralysis in our bureaucracy, files are missing. Onions is competing with Dollar and Rupee is competing with the average age of MPs in the country. If it was not our NRI brothers sending money home we could have been seriously looking at a default. This is 1991 written all over it.  And Mr Prime Minister, if you are truly secular then don’t give us ” Hindu” rate of growth.

Silence leads to poetry.

When found speaking PM is hiding behind Ghalib ” Hazaaron Jawabon Se Acchi Hai Meri Khamoshi, Na Jaane Kitne Sawaalon Ki Aabru Rakhe “

Silence leads to more bullying.

China comes to our door steps, stays for weeks and goes back. Pakistan comes and kills our soldiers at will. Any half respecting leader would have woken up from his slumber said something. But not our PM. He was more worried about talks with Pakistan.

Silence leads to more cronyism.

Exactly how many schemes does Shri Rajiv Gandhi needs in his honor. Why not just change the name of the country from “India “to ” Rajiv”. How much public money needs to be spend so that people remember our beloved leader.

Silence leads to more crooks in the Parliament

Supreme court did a great favor to Indians when it ruled that anyone who has a case against them in a criminal court cannot stand in election or hold a public post. Now all the parties have come together to change the law that gave SC power to do so.  And at the same time all the parties are working over time to make sure that Political parties don’t get covered by  RTI.

We don’t know if the next government will fix our problems but we know that the present one cannot. PM Manmohan Singh can do one last favor to us; call for early elections argues Bloomberg. .http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-20/india-s-economy-needs-an-early-election.html.

This is where Bloomberg has got it all wrong.  We are a 4000 year old civilization. We are in no hurry. And after all everything is just an illusion. And no one knows about this better then our PM because at 80, everything is a silent and illusion.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m angry at our PM Man Mohan Singh

  1. brilliant – same sentiments here – in fact expecting something from the leaders is not naivete, it is democracy. When fires are burning all around, all that these crooks are interested in is protecting themselves (RTI, Misrepresentation of People’s Act) and welfare populism of gigantic proportions (Food Security Bill) in order to come back to power. If Pranab has any sense of respectibility left in him and if he has the powers then he should immediately sack the present government and call for immediate elections!!

  2. CPMN, Communist Party Of Marxist New – National General Secretary-Dr.A.Ravindranath Kennedy is stated that,

    The Congress UPA Government is holding the anti people policy:-

    There is no doubt that, the capitalist policies of the ruling Congress UPA Government must not be allowed to continue in power. The unbridled corruption at higher echelons of the Congress –led UPA Government at the behest of corporate houses as manifest in the 2 G Spectrum Scam, the Commonwealth Games Scam, Godavari Basin Oil exploration Scam, Coal allotment Scam, Defense Helicopter Scam and improper implementation of Food Security Bill, Foreign Direct Investment Policy, Telangana issues e.t.c.,

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