When Drones strike

Real drone’s don’t strike.

Drones are male honey bees also known as “lazy workers” or idlers as they make no honey. Most importantly they can’t ” Sting”. The modern day drones or unmanned Aerial Vehicles a.k.a UAVs on the other hand are quite deadly. A small mistake by the US army operatives and they can wipe out an entire village in Afganistan or Pakistan full of women and children.

A Drone is a fighter plane ( without the pilot)  controlled by sometimes as many as 100 or 150 technicians. All these technicians are far removed from the  ” Kill Zone” and they make decisions based on intel, satellite imagery etc etc ( recently learned this when I watched ” The Bourne Legacy”). So in some sense it is like playing a video game with a difference that when you press the button real people get killed on the other side.

This is how it must be enfolding in the CIA control rooms. We have got some intel that a deadly terrorist is on the move- lets get his coordinates, let’s send a cute drone to him. Oops.. wrong intel- we have actually killed innocent villagers.  Ok, let’s get the state department to issue an apology. Ok let’s start working on the next target.

No more courts, no more collecting evidence- just order a drone strike and it is taken care of- anyways on the other side are ” non american” lives.

A year back economist did a series of advertisements which drive home the point about drone strikes.


drone-strikes-justifiableThe moot point is that we have always linked war with bravery, emotions, real flesh and blood. Wars have consequences and that is why a lot of effort goes to avoid them. But modern day wars are becoming more and more like video games where technicians and analysts jockeys the drones, order to strike and then go home and have ice cream.

Once Albert Einsten said ” Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” We don’t have to we have outsourced war to machines.

So when it comes to drone strikes- where do you stand ?  And what were our views be if drone strike takes out India’s most wanted from the heart of Karachi.  How will we react if drone strike were to kill indians on our side of the border?

This brings us to the point about why some lives are more important than others.  What kind of civilized world we live in ? http://rt.com/news/us-drone-strikes-yemen-protests-669/.

A must read is an article  by Mark Bowden where makes excellent points about ” How to think about Drones”  http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/09/the-killing-machines-how-to-think-about-drones/309434/?single_page=true



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