This is why I’m not losing enough weight

I run, I cycle and sometimes I cycle and run together.  I’m talking of serious distances. But no matter what I do and how much I do I still don’t lose enough weight to look like this.


On closer inspection it seems like the secret is in what and how much I’m eating and drinking. While running helps to burn calories , in the long run  the odds are not exactly stacked in my favor.

Quite a few days we go out and have a south Indian breakfast after a good run. Masala Dosa with chutney equals 500 calories. Our favorite sports drink Gatorade has more than 300 calories per bottle. If having a drink after the run is on your mind then this is what you will get.

1. Long Island Ice Tea: 780 calories
2. Pina Colada: 640 calories
3. Margarita: 550 calories
4. White Russian: 500 calories
5. Rum and Coke: 270 calories
6. Mojito: 220 calories
7. Wine: 200 calories

Someone rightly said ” you are what you eat”.  I will just add ” Drinks” to that to make a fair point about the above list. And before you start defending the virtues of running and how I’m comparing apples with slightly bigger apples just read these lines.

A modest running workout of 40-50 minutes burns about 600 calories. And it just takes a humble masala dosa to wipe out the deficit.  And this is just breakfast. After this comes sumptuous lunch,  dinner and desserts and many more because you know what ” I had a good run today”. So overall what starts as a debit of  600 calories  ends up as credit of some 1000 calories and all this gets stacked where my six packs are hiding. So much for running.

Not a fair world my man.  Running cannot do the talking here 😦





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