The great Indian Dessert

Doodh Jalebi
Doodh Jalebi

Is it doodh? Is it Jalebi ? Is it both? Oh yes it is Doodh-Jalebi the original Indian dessert. Khao and sehat banao 🙂

A trip down the memory lane in Shimla brought me face to face with Doodh-Jalebi once again.  It seemed like yesterday only I was here with my father reluctantly having a big glass of Dood -Jalebi at Nathu Halwai in Shimla.

For us during the family outings the choice was very simple-Doodh Jalebi ya Rasgulla/Gulabjamun. On rare occasions you can bargain for Rasmalai.  But for most occasions it was Dood-Jalebi  till one  day I put my foot down and demanded cash in lieu of Doodh Jalebi.  And you know what I got- one tight slap :). From next day my father refused to take me anywhere.

For the un-initiated  you get this almost condensed milk famously called Kadhai waalah doodh in a glass  with 100 gms of Jalebi in it. You use a big spoon to make sure that the Jalebi is all mushy in the glass and then you eat it. Simple. Nothing fancy.

In the hills when it cold outside, this is the best thing you can get. Gives you a sugar shot and makes you warm. So someone told me those days that Doodh Jalebi is good for health. Those were my teenaged ” body building” days. It become  almost a religion  for me to have doodh-Jalebi once a week with 50 gms desi ghee in it. Your 1200 calorie explosion is ready. But those days calorie was a word we used to associate with physics and chemistry only.

Today having Doodh Jalebi at  Nathuram was home coming. While the place is all spruced up other than the “Kadhai” it still brought back so many “sweet” memories, happy times with my family.  It is as if part of my father is always in Shimla and every time I go back I connect to him.  We are all sitting at Nathuram and having doodh-jalebi 🙂

Next time you are in Shimla, do try the Doodh Jalebi. Nathuram is at Lower Bazaar towards the fag end of the Bazaar just before the street that sells books.

The Shop since 1900
The Shop since 1900


Jalebi Garam Garam
Jalebi Garam Garam
Doodh in making
Doodh in making








One thought on “The great Indian Dessert

  1. I’m more fond of Nathuram’s rabdi jalebi 🙂
    In past they have struggled with the ‘karigars’ I hope they have the same taste as before

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