What a day

Early morning you switch on the TV to hear that 5 Indian Soldiers have died on the Pakistani border. Our politicians are busy giving statements after statements. Antony promises action, I wonder what he means. Omar Abdullah offers heart-felt condolences- Really buddy Parliament is adjourned. This is the best we can do. Our Government cannot protect our borders, our kids, our women, our soldiers, our currency. The list grows. The only thing that they seem to be doing a good job of protecting is the countless politicians with Z plus security, their hold to power and their fat bellies. Bottom line- Ordinary Indian lives are very very very cheap.

Our currency is falling. Our A -team of PHDs is in charge- Chidambram and MMS. Next stop is 65.  Why it is falling- well too much liquidity in system, no new foreign direct investment,  FII’s pulling money out of India.  Since the Government is helpless  ” Indian Army” has been called to arrest the slide of the Rupee.

There is change of guard at RBI- one learned Gentleman is leaving- another is coming. Welcome Dr Raghuram Rajan.

Our markets are falling too. Today’s drop was some 450 points.  There is fire sale at major stocks. To top that up NSEL ( National Spot Exchange Limited) has been involved in some major goof up and bending of rules. Simply put- gambling. Another scam in making- Another promoter ( Jignesh Shah) making promises. If you own Financial Technologies shares- then sell.  Next stop is Rs 50.

IAS Durga Shakit Nagpal Vs the worst that Indian Politics has to offer is still going on. The latest is that she had not ordered the demolition of the wall. Before religions comes poverty and ignorance and that is how India’s neo-rulers have managed to keep us hooked to the Mandir and Masjid.

And Finally Rahul Baba opens up his mouth- “Poverty is a state of mind” claims prince charming. And I wonder what is his “Poverty of mind”- State of Art may be


One thought on “What a day

  1. full of non sense, unrelated, some from here Some from there. and that’s the reason it made sense, perfectly. kudos!

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