Too much clutter

I’m suffering from clutter. There is just too much clutter everywhere. Shoes that were last worn 4 years back, suits that no longer fit, too many utensils, too many knick knacks… just too much.

Things are no better in my mind. Lots of projects going on- races to run, cycling trips, new work projects, existing work demands. This list goes on and on and on.

Yesterday night it took me half an hour to find that elusive pressure cooker whistle which was hiding somewhere in the kitchen. Why?  Because there is just too much stuff lying around. The whistle blissfully unaware that she was needed for the rajmah.

I live alone barring Mom, Few friends and significant others who come and stay once in a while. I don’t need all this stuff but that doesn’t stop from buying more and hoarding even more.

Its not that I have not tried, occasionally I get into these ” work them or chuck them” drives and the kitchen looks good for a while. But then it takes another week or so for it to come back to its original form.

I need solution- things that will work and will stay. I need to de-clutter my life, my mind and my house.

If you have ideas that work then do share.


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