Aaa gaye Obama

obamaIn a strange turn of events it seems like President Barrack Obama has applied for visa for permanent citizenship of India.  A lot of speculation doing rounds in Whitehouse and political circles in India is that President Obama wants to join politics in India and aim to for the top job whatever that is ( president or prime minister or Congress president or chairman of RIL).

Well this comes as no surprise says a well known  commentator on NDTV.  He is only 51. The ruling party prince in waiting is 43 and waiting for a few more years to get that looks that you need in India for a political career where as Obama can start right away. He is at  right age and has got another 37 years to go. Anyways he is going to be jobless in a 4 years in America so its best for him to come here. And Democrats can claim that not only we are retaining jobs in America we are sending unemployed to India.

According to the sources close to President Obama, the letter from 65 Indian MPs asking him not go give VISA to Narendra Modi really swayed his choice for India.  Its not that every other day he gets elected representatives of a sovereign country writing to him. This has reinforced his faith on things that he already knew about Indian democracy and its system of functioning.

President already has a base in India- the day he lands he can get 65 Indian MPs to form a new political party- says a Delhi socialite on twitter.  His political base is  also widening day by day .Every day President Obama is getting requests from thousands of Indians to fix the roads, get water supply, get transfer, fix electricity meter- basically everything that countless Indians deal with every day. The other day President Obama  got a request from  Mr XXX to get him a ration card. President Obama was about refuse him but changed his mind when CIA advised President Obama that he is a illegal immigrant from Bangladesh and not mexico.

President Obama was really moved one MP from ruling party in India came all the way to Whitehouse to touch President’s Obama’s feet and  do “jhaddo” at Whitehouse.  It took a lot of persuasion by the whitehouse staff that they don’t have “Jhadoo” and at best they can offer is a vacuum cleaner.

According to an article authored by a senior Journalist of Washington post- President Obama is really tired with politics in America . In America he has to do a lot of explaining- explain health bill, explain immigration bill, what is your stand on war on terror etc etc. In India things will be easy- like Sonia, MMS and Rahul Baba he can afford to be silent and not say a word.

Politics in India will also mean that he doesn’t need to get into lengthy debates with opposition candidates- all he need to do is flash his middle name and blame that other person is communal to end any discussion says Huffington post. And when that doesn’t work President Obama can always claim that he is from Harvard ( and therefore always right) and that will surely end any discussion. But the best thing about politics in India claims Indian Express is that the President Obama will have to never leave office or his official residence even when he is no longer in office.  And very soon he can get Michelle and their daughters into politics and create the Obama dynasty. There are always safe seats and Hindi lessons on offer.

The ruling party sees  the entry of President Obama in Indian politics the perfect way of countering growing influence of Narendra Modi and has offered him the position of Vice President.  When asked a senior leader on the conditions of anonymity shared ” He has the perfect name- lot of people will vote for him thinking he is Osama, Indian middle class will vote hoping that in return President will get them a US visa and the intellectuals will just vote because he is from Harvard”

However Obama has different plans for India says a spokesperson at the Whitehouse. He doesn’t want to Join any party but go the Kejriwal way. He has also thought of a name for the new political party- AAP( Obama).

When questioned about the name of the almost identical to Aam Aadmi Party  sources close to Obama replied . This AAP is different- it stands for AAPKA AMERICAN PRESIDENT ( Obama).


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