What is in a name- How does a dynasty immortalises itself.

All things un-equal India is a country ruled by a dynasty for larger part of since our  independence. I often wondered why and how Nehru-Gandhi dynasty survived while families of other famous and powerful political leaders are nowhere to be seen.

I think a lot has to do with the way Indian politics works, our ignorant masses and some clever politics by members of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

But there is something else too.

So let’s take a flight from Delhi to Mumbai .You go to Indira Gandhi International Airport to get down at Mumbai. You take a taxi to go to Worli via the Rajiv Gandhi Sea link. As soon as you hit Worli on your left you see the Nehru Planetarium.  You travel in a bus and it is funded by JNURM which is Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal mission. You travel to the docks and they are called Indira Gandhi Docks. And this is in Mumbai where real hero is ” Chattrapati Shivaji “.

Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has branded India with names of their family members so aggressively that it will make coca-cola pale in comparison. For instance more than 25% of central schemes are named after Rajiv Gandhi. More so are named after Indira Gandhi and Nehru. No mention of  Shastri, Patel,  Bhagat Singh, Netaji Bose. Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai.

The surname Gandhi also adds to the confusion. An article in New Indian express says that it was cultivated confusion. May be to reap the benefits of being a Gandhi in a independent and largely ignorant India. And this ignorance is not only in the mind of the masses. According to the article an IAS aspirant wrote that Indira Gandhi was the grand daughter of Mahatma Gandhi. Now that is a masterstroke.

Where ever you go-the dynasty is always smiling at you. There are no white spaces. This is one lesson that brand managers and would be dynasties can learn.

Right in front of our eyes, with our own money, India’s first family is writing its name in stone and there is nothing we can do about it.

Ho raha hai “Dynasty Nirman”

P.s: According to our sources inside the Brand Narendra Modi camp- The surname  “Modi” was carefully chosen because in Delhi there is a flyover called Modi Mill Flyover so that people can think that among all the flyovers personally built by Sheila Dixit jee there is atleast one that Modi jee built.



3 thoughts on “What is in a name- How does a dynasty immortalises itself.

  1. Well said. As a kid I was confused how Chacha Nehru’s daughter could take the name Indira Gandhi! I would think that she was probably the daughter-in-law of MK Gandhi.

    A classic case of privatisation of public money!!!

  2. I think you are right. This idea of naming schemes, roads, and other such things after the Nehru-Gandhi family is a brilliant one, and ensures that the family is never out of sight, or mind.

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