I didn’t want to write this post

Believe me. This is one post that I wanted to avoid. Yes it is about politics, the Narendra Modi bashing and the fake encounter and other things. See I had usual fears. First and foremost was that I was going to attempt to write based on hearsay- you know the kind of stuff that is news now-days on NDTV to CNN IBN and the likes. I don’t know much. Second If I write this people will brand me either this or that.

Let me make something clear upfront. I’m not a Narendra Modi sympathiser or Congress hater. I feel that both Congress and BJP are all the same. It doesn’t take much brains to guess that Congress is trying its level best to fix Narendra Modi and that is why the speed at which Ishrat Jahan encounter case is getting attention from media and law enforcement agencies.

Whatever is the political fall-out of Ishrat Jahan’s case let political parties manage it. People of India are both intelligent, foolish and ignorant and they will choose the leader they deserve.

But by all means this case on Ishrat Jahan should get attention and should be brought to its logical end . People of the Republic of India should not let Congress, Media, BJP or any investigating agency put wool over our eyes.

Because this case is about you and me.

The point is not that whether Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist or not. The point is whether she was killed in a fake encounter by law enforcement agencies. If that is indeed the case and we don’t do anything about it then tomorrow it can be you and me.

That is why we the citizens of India should all protest for all the alleged fake encounters and be agnostic to the politics behind it.




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