Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: A Runner’s review

This movie we went to see as runners. Well to be honest I went to see Sonam Kapoor too and I was heartbroken when I realized that even Divya Dutta had a bigger role than Sonam. But never mind I can always see re-runs of Ranjhaana.

So what is that I liked:

Farhan looked impressive. His upper body was amazing. When he was running in the film someone in our group commented ” Stride dekh iskee”. What I really liked was that after a bit of Mohabbat-Shohabbat the film came back to running. A lot of us were able to identify with the simple message in the film- Bhaag Milkha Bhaa- But ladkee ke peeche nahin 🙂

What could have been improved

So start with Farhan’s legs. Upper body looked perfect-like a sprinter should have, however if Farhan is planning another movie on runners he should really focus on his lower legs. With his drumsticks legs the whole thing looked out of proportion. You will most probably miss it if you were drooling over Farhan’s muscles but we runners are into legs.




Also we would have loved if some more of Milkha a.k.a Farhan’s diet other than drinking 2 kilos of ghee at a time would have been shown. For instance we would have loved to know what he was doing for his protein, what kind of carbs he was eating and what was he drinking to keep his salts in balance (which he  undoubtedly needed to compensate for bucket loads of sweat that he was sweating). And again some more shots of strength training- especially legs.Yes it is confirmed ,we  like ” tangein”

Overall the movie was good. It could have been shorter and crisper and we could have done with less Indo-Pak rivalry. Less songs and less love tamasha too. Some scenes in the movie would have caused some serious concerns in real Mr Milkha Singh’s married life if they are not already causing concerns in Farhan Milkha Singh’s married life :).  And please give more than 15 minutes to Sonam.

Next movie should be on the life of P.T Usha. And who I recommend should play the lead- Deepika Padukone. Only by training as hard as P.T Usha she can pay for her sins for acting ( as if she acts) and for her pseudo tamil accent  in ” Chennai Express”.

If you love Masala Dosa then this is time for repay  your love .

This eid don’t go and watch “Chennai Express”.





6 thoughts on “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: A Runner’s review

  1. next weekend (Fri 19th) please go and watch my film D-DAY. in it, we don’t run for India, we WIN for INDIA!! trigger kheech maamla nahin…

  2. they showed farhan drinking milk also besides ghee..protiens ke liye. didnt know milkha had a phirang affair also..ya woh masala add karne ko tha.

  3. Undoubtedly the movie was a bit overstretched, but you missed one major take home from it in your review – ‘Emotion Management’. Indians are ‘a bit more’ emotional beings and Milkha Singh has been portrayed rightly channelizing his immense energy in the right direction.
    It’s tough for us to put ourselves in actual Milkha Singh’s shoes who struggled hard to get even square meals during his initial days (protein/electrolytes are out of question). I guess genes played a bigger role than diet in his case.
    Considering that there are more non runners than runners among the viewers- it was ok stuff. Had it been a bit shorter it would have been better (as they say- small is beautiful).

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