A note to all our donors for Uttarakhand floods

The money that you donated is safe with us. We are assessing the situation on the ground before we deploy this money. We want to make sure that the money will be put to good use.

iVolunteer Blog

14 Days since we sent out an appeal for donating generously for the Uttarakhand flood relief and rehabilitation activities – proceeds of which will go to a committed platform of volunteers, organizations and tribe of donors, lead by iVolunteer (ivolunteer.in). We have received overwhelming response which shows not only how deeply grieved we are, but also our solidarity and commitment towards restoring in the beautiful mountain valleys of Uttarakhand what we can in our best of capacities. Over 100 people have donated and nearly 14 lacs rupees raised in 14 days. The idea has become a movement and now is the time to act.

In mid July, once the evacuation and relief material distribution work is complete, a core team of 3 members will make a visit to the disaster hit areas of Kedar valley and interact extensively with – grassroots NGOs and other institutions working there relentlessly, army and…

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