Uttarakhand Floods- What we must do

I feel the most important thing is that we must do something. Action will be more powerful that a million words.

Like any disaster, this will play out in the mind of the people for a few more days till the channels are beaming images and then something else will become news. So before that happen we need to galvanise support for the people of Uttarakhand.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help

1) Donate money: Money will needed and lots of it will be needed. Once the relief phase is over, money will be needed to re-build lives. There are many ways in which you can donate. For instance you can donate to PM relief fund, or through http://www.giveindia.org or many such efforts. A small effort that me with a few volunteers is   available here. Our appeal is to give donations to building lives after the initial days of frenzy is over. You can access the link here.http://em.explara.com/event/flood-relief-uttarakhand. So far we have raised 45k. We need to get to 10 lacs.

2) Donate in kind: What is needed is medicines, food grains, container to store water, warm clothes. Please do not send summer clothes or western clothes. Its unlikely that people will use them. And no torn clothes or expired stuff either. My friend Anshu Gupta from Goonj is leading the effort in this. Please find them here http://goonj.org/. And Goonj also needs money to transport stuff from Delhi to the hills.

3) Volunteer: If you would like to volunteer in the hills for some time then let me know and I will connect you to relevant organisations. We need doctors and people who can build things.


8 thoughts on “Uttarakhand Floods- What we must do

  1. Hello Rahul.. I would like to travel to Uttarakhand flood hit and voluenteer, during the relief work; can you please connect me to concerned persons/organizations.

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