We are not growing any younger are we ?

It is another birthday. Another year has passed hmm. Am I happy that today I was born some years back or I should be happy that I have managed to stay alive.So exactly what am I celebrating.

Thoughts, Thoughts Thoughts.

Well I got a nice call in the morning, someone sang the whole ” Happy Birthday to you” song for me. As a habit I was almost tempted to say ” Same to you” and then at the precise moment I checked myself.

Growing up birthdays used to be special. On my birthday my mom would always make ” Daal Pakodi” which will be first offered to ” Bhagwan jee”. A small “Pooja” will be performed and after that we will get the usual Paneer, Rasmalai and Rajmah. Some friends would insist  on a  treat which would usually consist of Samosa, Chai and Gulab Jamun.

You will always get new clothes. That was as fancy it got to. No birthday cakes. In fact I had never ever cut a birthday cake in my whole life until like two 3 years back . On birthdays you will not get beaten in school or at home. So that used to make it a very special day.

Every birthday reminds of the years that have gone by. Strangely I kind of feel like spending time with myself today. I feel that in this mad rush of growing up, getting an education and getting a job I haven’t had any time with myself. Feels like I’m on a escalator that does’t ever stop. Even if I stay still I still move ahead.

Today is also the day for usual DIY philosophical thoughts on ageing- Age is just a number  (Just that mine is increasing). Age is mind over matter- if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is every moment we are growing old and eventually we will be very old. And then it will matter. Age will be very big number. We will not be able to perform the way we are able to now. But then someone reminds me of N.D Tiwari and I rest my argument 😉

All said and done today is going to be a special day because I went for a run. I did an extra 2 kms just because it is my special day. Every run that I do reminds me that  though I ‘m not  growing any younger I’m definitely becoming stronger. And that is my birthday wish. I wish that I will be able to run till my last day on this earth. That would be a treat :).

What are your thoughts on birthdays? How do you like to celebrate them and what is your favorite thing about the special day?


3 thoughts on “We are not growing any younger are we ?

  1. Happy Birthday Nainwal!! I love reading your blogs…there is an apparent honesty that comes through.
    Keep the running & workout going …suggestion – try P90X ..excellent routine, keeps you fit all over. Take care

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