Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani- Unscene :)

jawani_deewani_final_1361256819_600x450My fake sense of realism has inspired me to write this post. Imagine, I go and watch ” Yeh Jawani hai Deewani” in PVR gold glass and I have the balls to write this. Well pardon me for that moment of weakness when I grabbed the offer to see the movie in Gold Class for free :). But at this age and time proper back rest and leg space is really important.

But let’s get to the point of this post. Ayan Mukherjee ( Director)  and Husain Dalal ( Dialogue writer) are too good.

I love the fact that the film promoted trekking- never mind short skirt wearing girls running up the mountain though that would be really nice for a change. But honestly Dude-Ranbir you have never been on a trek else you would have asked Deepika – ” Suno bed pe to hum fit ho jayenge  but trek pe potty bahar karnee padegee- kar payeegee tu”.

I loved our trekking guide/dude in the film.The enthusiasm he had through out the trek- man you are truly an amazing guide.  But  rather than saying we have no seat in the train he should have said to Deepika  ” Yes there is space in trek for you but can you act hot for a week- you see this trek  is “Hot class” . Only for hot people. And guess what  Deepika would have responded- “abe saale ghonchoo- mere chashme pe mat jaa. I been acting only hot  since my first movie”

I don’t know if you noticed -Ranbir’s father and the whole nation was saved from some gut wrenching worry thanks to our able director.  For instance the trek in the film was  in Kashmir and not in Himachal- but the director of the film must have thought- Kashmir is a dangerous place.  Ranbir ke papa Farouk jee to pahle he bahut darey hue hain, so why ” daraoo him more”. Unhe Kashmir ka pata chalega to jeete jee mar jayenge. So to him and to the rest of the Junta watching the film- lets just say Manali”.  And then at most Farouk sahab will think- “Khaak pahad chadega mera launda- saala hash maar ke old Manali mein pada rahega”.

I feel that this movie was singularly unfair for Deepika- Imagine Yaar,  Ranbir was living the Indian (men) dream of picking up goree ladkee- Kalki was living the Indian ( women) dream of marrying a Engineer, the Aditya Kapur dude was drinking all the alcohol in his bar. But “becharee” Deepika was single since she was born- pahle padhai, fir aur padhai and fir thodee aur. But honestly Deepika- you got all the guys in Cocktail and you learned your lesson- Indian men only dig simple girls.

There was song and dance and there was dance and song. All good. And there was some “Philosophy  for Dummies” sprinkled all over. But so finally story thee kya.

Story simple thee- “If you eat international cuisine for 8 years of your life there comes a time when you want to come  home and eat ” Daal Chawal”.

P.s: High Altitude Trekking is no joke. There is very less oxygen at heights above  14000 ft. Drink alcohol when you are trying to climb a peak at 16000 Ft ( Like Deepika and Ranbir were doing in the Fiml) and you can die. This is a statutory warning that should be there on the film. Ayan Mukherjee and Karan Johar please note.

To know more about High Altitude Trekking please visit


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