5 things that you should do while you are young

As life adds numbers I often look back and wonder whether I would have made the same choices. What are the things that I would have done differently. Here is what I think one should do while you are still young.

1) Take a break :Spend a year travelling, volunteering or  doing nothing. It will help in build perspective, gain maturity and a different world view. No mad rush of completing studies and taking a job. Once you are doing a job it is quite difficult to take a break.

2) Do athletics: Pick up anything like running, cycling, swimming etc. If you want to do that marathon under 3 hours then its much easier to do it when you are young.

3) Pick a hobby: Art, music or anything else you fancy. Pick a hobby and stick to it.

4) Travel Travel Travel: During those college holidays don’t always go home. Travel to different places. In my 4 years of college life I always went home during holidays when I could have gone to all the places where my classmates are from.

5) Read: Read lots of different books. Use that college library.

So this is my list. What is yours ?


5 thoughts on “5 things that you should do while you are young

  1. Indulge in cooking as well…just wanted to add this thing which is so damn important… Relying on a mess or a dhaba doesn’t always help…

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