De mortuis nil nisi bonum- Don’t speak ill of the dead

Don’t speak ill of the dead. Let her RIP.

But this will not fall into the ears of TRP hungry media, writers or editors.

So Mahesh Murthy wrote this piece after Suraj Pancholi was arrested for abetment of Jia Khan’s suicide.  A quick and firm response came from Both Mahesh and Lakshmi Chaudhary (who wrote the article are entitled to their opinion. But none of them have any idea of what she went through to go to this extreme step of committing suicide.

So the writers, the columnists et al  Don’t speak ill of the dead.

Speak only the truth.


2 thoughts on “De mortuis nil nisi bonum- Don’t speak ill of the dead

  1. I partly agree with them. We make our children believe in fairy tales/ make-believe fantasies. It’s time we tell them that there is no prince on a white horse, You fall in love, and fail 10 times, before you find something at last (and even that is not perfect). I totally console with her, but then ‘life’ is above all, she just lacked the grit to take responsibility of herself. There are so many rape survivors interviews I went through during the Dec incident. They all had enough reason to end their lives, but they decided to live. At the end, we should own our choices.

  2. samta a friend quote this ” Also I find it strange that we’re happy to romanticize relationships where both people kill themselves for the sake of love (Romeo-Juliet)- but when one person does it s/he must be foolish/fragile/spoilt etc. No one takes their life as a joke or a prank. The least we can do is respect their last cry for help”

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