Resignation is confirmed desperation Advani Jee

1846437L.K Advani has resigned, an era has ended- An era which saw numerous Rath Yatra’s, the demolition of Babri Maszid and countless lives lost in the process. It also saw meteoric rise  of BJP into the national stage. But he is 85 now. He should let go and take the thrown of grand old man of BJP. But he is planning, plotting and doing everything possible to stick on to power.His resignation shows desperation and not apt for someone of his stature who build BJP from literally nothing.

Narendra Modi seems unstoppable. He is truly one leader now in India who has mass appeal. You can like him or hate him but you cannot ignore him. Will he be able to bring BJP to power- I doubt it.  A lot of regional parties will find it very difficult to rally behind BJP if he is the Prime Ministerial candidate.

rahulRahul Gandhi is prince in waiting for ever. And I wonder how long he will have to wait. I feel that he has good intentions but he doesn’t seem to make them work on ground. Or may be its very difficult for him to fix the congress which is run purely on personal alliances, agenda and very little democracy. What I feel sad about Rahul Gandhi is that no one has any strong feelings for him- Unlike Narendra Modi People don’t like him or hate him. They are indifferent I guess. Now that is a sad place to be in for someone like Rahul Gandhi.


2014 elections are probably going to be the most exciting elections in Indian history. Narendra Modi alone wil l not be able to get BJP/NDA to a majority. Rahul Gandhi will probably help congress lose more. The key to making the government will be then with regional parties.

So what its gonna be. NaMo, Rahul or third front. Or will AAP decide ? I also wonder the sad state of Indian politics. As citizens of this country we are caught between a hard place and rock. But like Thomas Jefferson said “The government you elect is government you deserve.


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