Run Cycle Run- Duathalon, 2nd June-Let’s Run Gurgaon (LRG)

2nd June 2013. Come home 1.30 AM ( don’t ask me from where) .Wake up at 3.30 am. Fill water in Camel Bak( A fancy water bottle for grown ups with a sipper and you carry it on your back to re live school days). Eat a few “Raam Daana” Laddoos. Drink Water. Drink Gatorade. Wear Vibram 5 fingers.Find Purse. Find Car keys. Wear compression Clothing. Get Oakley Cycling Googles. Stop. Go to the loo. Drink more water. Get helmet. Carry your cycle downstairs. Go the car. Fix the cycle on Car stand. Go pick Shruti. Its 4.15 AM now.  Drive 35kms to Gurgaon. Its still dark. Switch on the headlights. Get to registration Desk of LRG Duathalon. Get the Bib. Get the cycle down. Check everything. Park the cycle in finish line. Its 5AM now. Temperature 18 degrees. Start.


Run: 10km

The first part of the LRG Duathalon is 10 km run. The first 2 km is an incline and its always a bit challenging to start on a incline as your heart rate shoots up. But after that the body warms up, the heart rate is stable and we are running a km under 5 minutes. My coach and buddy Amit Ojha tells me that this is pace we have to run if we want to finish a full marathon under 4 hours next year. We finish 10 kms in style- 53 minutes or so. Not bad considering the weather.

My MTB- Trek 4300

Cycle: 40kms

I lose a few precious minutes running to the car and getting my Camelbak hydration pack and glasses. Amit Ojha is now-where in the scene. And I’m missing him. Doing the whole cycling bit without his support feels challenging. Anyways I start cycling and the first few minutes I’m really loving it as the cool breeze is making me feel very fresh. Temperature is now rising up. Must be around 27 degrees. The sun is fully out and the glasses are really helping. We are supposed to do 4 rounds of 10kms each. First one goes like a breeze but the idea of doing another 3 is a bit daunting. But I drove 35kms to participate in this race so I better do it. Another 1 hour  and I have completed 40kms of cycling. Now on to the last bit.

My barefoot running soles vibram five fingers

Run: 5 Kms

Now the crazy bit about Duathlons is that they make you change from one muscle to another.  Run to cycle is fine. Cycle to run Oh dear. As soon as I get off the cycle and start running my legs won’t budge. Somehow I managed to start running by thinking that its only 5km and soon it will be over. The trouble now is that the temperature is around 35-38 degrees, the tarmac is boiling and I’m running in barefoot running soles called vibram five fingers. Not a good idea. But yeah, let’s get over it with it.

Overall time 3.hrs 29 minutes. Its about 9 Am and really hot. And we are wondering. Why the hell we do what we do 🙂



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