Faking and Fir bhe Le lee

So its out guys. First post is taking Faking it. In a surprise move it was reported on the Firstpost.com website that they are officially taking Faking it.( not what you are thinking but the fakingnews website) .A lot of people are wondering, when you know it is ” Faking” why are you ” taking” it.  But then….

According to the last famous AND last independent words of Rahul Roushan who is the founder of http://fakingnews.com/. First post “will break it” and we will “Fake it”. Rahul Baba… not on the internet and not so public.

Rahul, no offense man. After all I’m Rahul too. And if you were to sell you should have sold it to Nothingpost. Just like Firstpost.com, we are about nothing too.

So Good luck, stop laughing and faking.Enkoy your Mullah.

P.s: Author of this blog is a fan of Fakingnews.com and he is hearbroken that its been sold to Firstpost.com and honestly he is not faking it. And the author is sad that this is the death of fakingnews.com. After all Money is a serious business.


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