Patna- First Impressions

patnaThis is my first time in Patna. Landed at the Airport and then took the cab to Windsor hotel on Exhibition road. It was clear smooth ride. Everything that I thought about the city has changed

1) The roads are really nice and there is no maddening traffic. But may be years of living in Delhi has made me look at traffic in any other city with green eyes ( with the possible exception of Mumbai)

2) Everyone speaks Hindi- so my driver called me and said that ” main aap ka nikas dwar pe intzar kar raha huin”. It took me a few seconds to realize what it means.

3) Some of the buildings looks really beautiful especially the one that have old colonial look and are painted in Red and White.

4) The city looks really beautiful with the sprinkle of Amaltas and Gulmohar everywhere.

5) Kachori is served hot with ” Kaale Chole” Black gram and costs only 4 rupees. I had some and they were nice.

6) Manihar ke Laddo is most recommended in Patna.

7)  I’m tempted to buy lots of Malda ( Chausa Aam for others) and Muzaffarpur ke Litchi.

8) Windsor hotel is not too bad. This is where I’m staying.

9) And yes the temperature is cool 23 degrees and its green everywhere.

Very excited overall. I feel any new place does that to me.


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