What does ” Be the change” means

This is one of those simple and ” ek dum” to to the point conversation that I had with Venkat Krishnan of Joy of Giving week ( www.joyofgivingweek.org). I was arguing with him that it is time that we NGO wallah should stop doing everything that we are doing and start working on solving Governance issues in our country. The real cause of inequality and inequity in our country is lack of pro-people governance. This leads to massive corruption, a dysfunctional democracy etc etc. That is why good roads and hospitals don’t get build or hunger deaths happen. We are not a poor country but a very poorly managed country.

We discussed that in the final analysis the real change can only come in India when Indian will change. And that seems to the most difficult task. Venkat mentioned Gandhi’s Quote- “Be the change that you want to see the world”

Venkat gave a simple example. He said that people everywhere were shouting slogans Pawan Kumar Bansal our ex railway Minister  resign  when the railway bribery scandal broke out. But the same people will not blink an eye to bribe Ticket Collectors or Tatkal agents when we want to get a ticket. Unless ” I”  change my behavior “We”  cannot change and the country cannot change.

And there are no short cuts to this. If we want real lasting change in India, every Indian will have to be the change that they want to see in India.

This means you and me if you seriously give a shit.




One thought on “What does ” Be the change” means

  1. As Gandhi once said, “be the change you would like see in the world.” For change to occur outside ourselves and to really make a difference in impacting and affecting that change we must first begin my changing ourselves from within. Too many people are unwilling to change themselves first in which true change begins.

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