A cup of tea

During one of the sessions of our travelling workshop ( a learning expedition in Ladakh led by me with a group of volunteers from a program called ICICI Fellow),Aksansha, a young and cheerful volunteers shared an amazing story.

A student (at SECMOL): Didi how many cups of water for making 1 cup of tea
Akansha : Hmm trick question ? thinks carefully. may be about 8/10 cup of water and rest milk.

Student: Wrong answer didi. 27 cups of water.
Akansha: How come… tell me

Student: Didi add the water it takes to grow tea, water that cow drinks to give milk, water to grow sugarcane and then process sugar. Add all that up and not just the water that you put in your tea.

I was stumped. No one ever explained to me ” footprint” in such a manner, Profound learning made simple. Through out the trip I kept on thinking about this incident that Akansha narrated. It was like I got fresh pair of eyes to see everything. I could see the wisdom behind ” Ladakhi way of life”  which is around working in balance with nature. The houses, the dry compost toilets, the efforts to save water, organic way of life and much more.

And what do we do- we flush toilet.




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