Letter to Indian parents of 40 year old ( Kids)

Dear Uncle Jee, Aunty Jee. Namaste

On 26th January 2013  India celebrated 63 years of becoming a Republic. I know that you didn’t notice but your son/daughter is now 40 years old. I know what you are thinking India is not a Republic and Montu/Sweety is still a baccha ( Kid).

Well India is not a Republic, We are family owned enterprise of Italian kind. But your Montu despite all your best efforts has grown up. Yes 40 years old. You are off course his parents but may be now is the time to do a bit of learning on how to be a parent  to a 40-year-old.

Remember life is hard. Your kids might have issues at work that you will probably not understand at all. Most likely your son/daughter spends 10 hours in front of a computer sending emails or attending meeting. This is work.  There are days when they will leave for office at 6 am and come back at 12am. No lectures then please. There are enough people doing that to them. “Aap to chod do” ( your please spare them)

Everything is changing. And incredible India is changing very fast.  But our incredible families are still the same. Marriage in your time was a sacred institution ( but then we never had quick polls those days to establish that)  Now it is only a  institution ( just like prison is a institution). But here are some tips for you to deal with your kids married life.

If your Son/daughter is happily married. Don’t interfere. If they are not happily married. Don’t interfere.

If they are Single ( Lucky !). Please Please…Don’t interfere.

And next time before you say ” Log Kya Kahinge ( what will people say) please make sure you line up all the ” Log”, get their email ids and phone numbers so that Montu can personally explain to each one of them the reasons for all the problems in his life ( But in reality they only want to know about why Montu is dating a white girl  and not marrying a good indian girl).

Spoil your grand children.Totally. Let your Son or Daughter revisit the horrors of your parenting. I’m not sure about your kids but your grand children will love your for ever.

And If they don’t have kids then please do not go on making suggestions about visiting a “baba” or “Check up Karwa lo”  ( get check up done). What ever little sex life they have will get over with this constant “Baccha” pressure.  And believe me, if they want kids they will already be doing everything possible.If they don’t want then let them be. Getting a “Pota Aur Poti” ( Grandchildren) was not part of the deal anyways. All deals were off since the day you refused to buy that cycle. ( beta why waste time, start studying for entrance exams).

If your Daughter in law cannot make “Phulka” let your Son raise this issue  with her ( Ha ha… I would love to witness that). If you do, then very soon the family dinner will be reduced to Maggi noodles unless you take up kitchen responsibility. Times are changing-getting that raise is more important than “Ghar ka khaana” ( home cooked food). If your son can cook and loves it-encourage him. No more ” Arey hamare yahain ladke kitchen mein nahin jaate” ( In our family men don’t cook)  India needs more men who can cook food at home. Then they are at-least off the streets and not creating trouble for women.

Seriously, growing in an Indian family was fun. You have made so many sacrifices for your kids. You missed everything good in life for school exams, fancy dress and what not. Hats off to you. No Indian kid can ever repay all of that. We are forever in gratitude.

Its time for you to go out and fun. Life as we know is short. It will end. There is no need to take any tension for your 40-year-old kids. They have grown up. You grow up too.

Let them be.


9 thoughts on “Letter to Indian parents of 40 year old ( Kids)

  1. Heyee after starting up with a bad day your article cheered my mood…seriously indian familis need to have a makeover and redefine their ‘core values’ which are no more than show off and double standards.

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