Its complicated

I’m sitting here. Its snowing outside.It’s peaceful and its white. And here I’m worried that this will end. Then what.  Stop. Don’t complicate. Take a deep breath. There is more snow coming. Soon all the trees will be covered.  Are Gods smiling or crying ? Mother Nature is generous. Don’t think. Stop. Can’t stop.


Things are simple before they are complicated. And I feel like writing.


We have one life- one life to study, see the world, fall in love, get married, do what you want to do and the works. It is your life. Your parents played a important role in bringing you to this world but in the end it is your life. So go out, take chances- when you  are off, the game is off as far as you are concerned. Don’t ask for permission for people around you to live your life.


Either you are doing something to change the world or you want to be the biggest fastest rat in the rat race. If you are not doing either of these then stop and reflect. Why I’m working so hard, how much money I earn and what I’m doing to spend that money. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you have purpose. You have no purpose. Don’t let them put wool in your eyes.


Don’t postpone travelling for later years, your bones will not allow you to travel after you turn 60.Travel now when you can enjoy it. Find someone you can enjoy sun set with. Travel with strangers. Get out, travel.


Drink alcohol once in life. Feel what it feels to be in the moment. Experience what it is like not to be conscious of what you are doing. Don’t become a alcoholic but remember alcohol in moderation is very nice. Don’t lecture me now.


Read poetry. Lots of it. Its through poetry that you can reach the window of your soul and connect to who you truly are and feel.


When tears come don’t fight them. Cry with a friend. Cry for someone you love and who is no longer in your life.


When you find good friends don’t ever let them go. Don’t let petty things come between you. Friends are God’s way of showing that he is taking care of you.


Believe in love at first sight. Fall in love, madly. Become a fool, again. Expose yourself. Be prepared to be hurt. Be in pain. Cry. It is worth it. Love again. Never learn.

Things are simple. They are not complicated. Its snowing again. Life is good. God’s are kind at least today. Tomorrow is another day.



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