Wishes for 2013

Today is 14th January 2013. 2 weeks since the ” Happy New Year”. Resolutions made for 2013 have gone through the typical cycle of  “drink, make, keep ( 1 week), break, drink”. So I reckon that another list will probably not do much harm- but hey let’s give it a Santa twist. No more resolutions- only wishes. And here they are in no particular order.

  • Fall in love…. Again !  But then I read these words of  Ibn- e -Insha the famous poet and I say… hmmmm  Phir se ankhoon main khawab Inshaa Ji, Ijtenaab, Ijtenaab, Ijtenaab Inshaa Ji…!!!  (Ijtenaab: Refrain, Keep away)
  • Visit a new place, a place where I have not been before. Hmmm.. may be North East, may be Madhya Pradesh.
  • Go to Ladakh on two wheels- either my Royal Enfield or Trek 4300. Its been 4 years since I drove my motorbike from Delhi to Leh. I miss the clean cold air, I miss gata loops, mori plains and I miss the Maggi at Sarchu and the icy winds of Chang-Lag-La.
  • Change the Game- Reinvent the organisation that I work with (iVolunteer) together with Shalabh Sahai co-founder and dear friend. 
  • Read more poetry- If there is anything that I missed in my typical middle class growing up ( which is about chasing a degree then a job) is poetry. This year I want to read more poetry and hopefully write some too. 
  • I wish to have more faith. Can’t help quote Ghalib here  ” Ranj Se Khugar Hua Insaan To Mit Jaata Hai Ranj , Mushkilen Mujh Par Padhi Itni Ke Aasaan Ho Gayeen” 
  • Keep running this year too: Jeremy Dobrick summed it up for me here ” My long time goal is to be around to run long term.
  • Get back to my original form in Table Tennis ( I have played SGFI nationals in my school days some 20 years back)

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